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Pomky Property  Maintenance
'Keep your yard looking fresh all year long'. 

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Proudly helping Canterbury homeowners make the most of their beautiful backyards.

Pomky property maintenance has partnered up with The Different Kind of Human Project to support mental health in our community. Once a fortnight we will provide them a voucher to pass on to someone in need.

Thank you for all of your help in supporting us to achieve this.

Why 'Pomky'?


Pomky means quality work and it also means a values-based approach to running a business. But beneath all of that lies the story of a good human, my father. Pomky was the number plate on his car when I was a child. He always said he produced little half poms half kiwis and that is why he chose that number plate. That term - Pomky - always stuck with me and made me think of my dad fondly. I loved that name. When my father passed away too soon, I was left utterly bereft. What kept me going through those dark days was the dream of keeping his values alive through me as the next generation. Being a good human mattered to him and it matters to me. He was really good to me and I want to do the same for others. So it is with real pride that I now run Pomky Property Maintenance - named after that little old car from my childhood - from a values-based approach where doing good matters, being a decent human being matters and where quality still matters. I love you dad. I'm living life with the values you gave me and loving walking in your footsteps.

What our Clients have to say: 
Know someone struggling with mental health Study's show that 1 in 5 adults aged 15 years a

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